KSC 2019 겨울 학회

 The convergence of computing, communication, and sensing technologies allows us to build a ubiquitous computing environment where we can enjoy various information services wherever we go and whenever we want.

 As this technology convergence continues, it will become possible that computers integrated with sensing and communication can interact with humans and environments in fine-granular real-time.

 With such fine-granular real-time interactions, computer systems can provide intelligent and proactive services such as real-time monitoring and assistance for the elderly, detecting and tracking kidnappers, and rescuing survivors in natural disasters, which makes our daily lives more secure and enjoyable.

 To realize such real-time ubiquitous systems, we are conducting theoretical and practical researches including temporal behavior analysis of interconnected heterogeneous resources, real-time packet delivery in wireless sensor networks, indoor/outdoor real-time tracking of humans and their belongings, and network performance measurements for QoS provisioning.