Conditionally Optimal Task Parallelization

Optimal Slice Counts Search for Non-Preemptive Processors



  • By non-preemptive assumptions, many accelerators such as GPU can easily provide real-time services.
  • Optimal slice counts search find the optimal number of pieces for each accelerator’s task.
  • Searched optimal slice counts maximize the schedulability of given task set.



NANS (N-App N-Screen) Project



  • NANS (N-App N-Screen) project for ExynoAuto V9 chipset enables launching and displaying multiple applications on multiple display devices.
  • Analyze shared resource contention on ExynosAuto V9 chipset of NANS IVI applications



NANS IVI/ADAS Multi VM Platform



  • Testbed for real-time simultaneous execution of “NANS IVI/Advanced ADAS”
  • Co-Scheduling technique through optimizing CPU/GPU balancing
  • Task transformation technique that maximizes real-time schedulability



Safety-guarantee mechanism against physical error



  • For self-looping node that repeats the inner-loop for physical situation awareness, physical error exists that make the looping useless and eventually cause a critical failure.
  • Proposed time wall limits the time budget for the self-looping node so as to switch to the safety-backup while still meeting the deadline to prevent the critical failure despite a physical error.



FSA-based link assignment and routing for Flying Cars


  • Current network methodologies for Flying Cars are inadequate, especially for multi-hop real-time control and command.
  • Model flying care network system as a FSA (Finite State Automaton) and finds out the best link assignment and routing for each state.



Fault Tolerance


  • Soft-error, occurs inevitably due to high intense ECU, may cause significant disaster especially in autonomous driving.
  • Build a safe and reliable system that works properly even with some error
  • Develop schedulability test for fault tolerance system





Temporally/Functionally Correct Simulation



  • Development of functionally and temporally correct simulator for automotive systems
  • Providing straight-forward develop environment to the automotive system developers





OSCAR (Open-Source Self-Driving CAR)



  • Hardware platform and APIs for self-driving car
  • Open-source, step-by-step instructions for hardware assembly and software installation




Remote Lab (Remote Open Testbed)



  • 1/10-scale city and circuit
  • Remote development environment for self-driving vehicles
  • Plug&Play and rapid prototyping of self-driving vehicles